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Drum Clinics, Drum Circles, and Master Classes

The acclaimed Carl Palmer Drum Clinics are the ultimate in drum instruction for medium and large groups of students. They happen whenever Carl is available and not working on the road with his band or ASIA.

For Drum Clinics, Masterclasses, Drum Circles and Percussion Workshops for schools and special needs children, contact...

Frank Askew
of Drum Clinics UK

From Europe: 01243 261396 or 07768 326549
From the US: call 011-44-1243 261396 or 011-44-7768 326549

Drum Clinics UK is a company run by Carl Palmer and Frank Askew. The company specializes in putting together drum related sessions and classes within the UK. At present, the company is able to put together the following...

Drum Clinics - Carl Palmer Drum Clinics are renowned the world over for being both educational & entertaining. Carl discusses the history of the drumset and its individual components and gives a visually stunning display of technique hi-lighting all aspects of drumming. His communication skills are informative and witty. (Master classes can be incorporated as part of the package.)

Drum Circles - Tailored motivational and team building events for children of all ages, including children and young people with hearing and visual impairment as well as special needs and disabilities. Specializing in team building, stress relief / management with proven health benefits suited to all situations and, in particular, companies looking for an alternative to the traditional motivational seminars

Master Classes - Tailored for Drum Teachers & Drum Schools. Ideally suited for 25 - 30 students from beginners to advanced players.

Schools, Colleges and Universities - For students of 5 years and upwards. Drum Clinics UK can offer a combination of any of the above tailored to their individual requirements.

Drum Clinic, Drum Circle, and Masterclass Testimonials

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